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Believe keeps it simple for Transparent Vegan featuring only pea and mung bean protein

believe supplements transparent vegan

Fresh off the release of its rather complex EAA product, Performance EAA, Believe Supplements has dropped another entirely new product in the form of Transparent Vegan. The supplement is indeed a vegan-friendly protein powder, and as per its name, it is fully transparent with the brand listing how much of each source of protein you get per serving.

Believe Supplements Transparent Vegan comes with 25g of protein per serving, with 13.6g of that coming from pea protein and the other 6.4g from mung bean protein. Mung bean is quite a rare source of plant-based protein that we’ve actually only seen in Beam’s Vegan Protein, which we rank right up there with the best in the category in terms of flavor.

The other macros per serve of Transparent Vegan are just 1.5g of fat, and only a gram of carbohydrates with half of that sugar, for a total of 100 calories. The vegan-friendly protein is only available unflavored, much like Believe Supplements’ other protein powders, as it sells separate flavor powders for you to combine with the protein instead of having the one taste.

Believe Supplements has made Transparent Vegan available for purchase starting this week through its website in the one 30 serving size. The product’s price is not too far off the many other plant-based protein powders out there, sitting at $64.99 (46.62 USD).