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Latest Bodylab product combines Whey 100 and Protein Ice Coffee into one

bodylab vanilla ice coffee whey 100

Whey 100 is Bodylab’s mainstream protein powder that provides a solid 21g of protein per 30g serving from a blend of whey concentrate and isolate. Another item in the Danish brand’s lineup is Protein Ice Coffee, which unlike Whey 100, is a beverage that brings together the power of protein at 25g per can and coffee with 75mg of caffeine.

The reason we’ve brought up those two products, Whey 100 and Protein Ice Coffee, is that Bodylab’s all-new release is actually a blend of the two. The latest from the functional food and sports supplement company is a Vanilla Ice Coffee flavor of Whey 100 protein powder featuring a creamy, classic ice coffee flavor, with Whey 100’s usual nutrition profile.

Bodylab’s Vanilla Ice Coffee Whey 100 comes with 25g of protein per serving from whey concentrate and isolate. There is also freeze-dried coffee in the formula, although it doesn’t give the product a whole lot of caffeine at just 1.5mg per 100g. As mentioned, it is truly a blend of those two releases, and even features a can of Protein Ice Coffee on the bag.

Fans of Bodylab can pick up the Vanilla Ice Coffee Whey 100 starting this week from its website in the usual Whey 100 size of a 1kg (2.2lb) bag. It is also currently at the special price of 149DKK (21.89 USD) as opposed to its regular 179DKK, which is the same as all of the other flavors of Whey 100.