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Soon-to-be updated Core ZZZ gets a limited restock plus a three-pack deal

core zzz limited restock

Core Nutritionals has restocked its sleep support supplement Core ZZZ, which has been out of stock for quite some time. To be clear, this is not the all-new version of the product featuring its Platinum branding, just the return of the one that was already on the market. It still features the same combination of ingredients as it did when it was released a little over one year ago.

To celebrate the restock of Core ZZZ, Core Nutritionals is running a limited time sale where you can grab the soon-to-be updated sleep and recovery supplement at a discounted price. One tub of the product will cost you $43.99; however, if you grab three you’ll get the lot for $119.97, which works out to $39.99 each, and to top it off, the brand will throw in a free mini shaker.

The deal on Core ZZZ is only available through the Core Nutritionals website with no coupon code required, simply visit this link here. As mentioned, this is only a limited restock of Core ZZZ and it is due to be revamped in the near future, so if you are a fan of the product, be sure to get in sooner rather than later.