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Introducing HighKey’s Rice Krispies-like high protein and low carbohydrate cereal

highkey protein cereal

The functional food company, HighKey, has a number of creative products in its lineup with low carbohydrate granola and brownie baking mix, and keto-friendly pancake and muffin mix. The popular brand has now stepped into the world of high protein food with HighKey Protein Cereal, which is a lean, high protein, and low carbohydrate cereal.

While there are a few high protein cereals on the market, HighKey does do a fair bit to help its product stand out. The form of the cereal itself is not like any of the competitors we’ve seen with small Rice Krispie-like pieces, as opposed to puffs or loops. As mentioned, the macros on the HighKey Protein Cereal are also relatively impressive, particularly the carbs.

highkey protein cereal

A half-cup serving of the newest HighKey product provides a moderate 10g of protein, 11g of carbohydrates with less than a gram of that sugar, 2g allulose and 3g fiber, 5g of fat, and 90 calories. The macros aren’t as lean as protein powder, but they’re better than the majority of the protein bars out there when looking at its balance of protein to calories.

HighKey has introduced its Protein Cereal with three tasty flavors to choose from in Frosted, Cocoa, and Cinnamon, all featuring that same nutrition profile mentioned above. The main ingredients are also much the same across the flavors with milk isolate for protein, MCTs, the sugar substitute allulose, and the natural sweetener monk fruit, as well as some flavor specific ingredients such as cinnamon and cocoa powder.

HighKey Protein Cereal is available for purchase directly from the brand’s website at $47.16 for four boxes with eight servings in each, or $35.37 for a three-box variety pack featuring one of each flavor.

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