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MVPre 2.0 gets its second new flavor in two months with Sweet Apple Razz

innovapharm sweet apple razz mvpre 2

It was only a few months ago at the start of the year that InnovaPharm brought its packed out pre-workout MVPre 2.0 to the US with all of the same well-dosed ingredients. The supplement launched stateside in three different flavors with Jungle Juice and Roadside Lemonade; then in March, it got a fourth option in Candy Necklace.

This week InnovaPharm is adding to MVPre 2.0 once again with flavor number five, in an entirely new option and not something you’ll find in the UK where the pre-workout debuted. The newest member of the supplement’s family is a two-part recipe named ‘Sweet Apple Razz’, which is due to be available starting today through the brand’s online store.

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