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Morphogen’s vegan protein will have a more complete whey-like EAA profile

morphogen nutrition vegagen

As mentioned just a few days ago when it introduced its kidney support supplement, Morphogen Nutrition has one of the most extensive, advanced lines of products on the market. It covers a vast amount of categories, a lot of which the majority of brands don’t have anything for, with that recently released kidney support formula Nephrogen being a great example of that.

Morphogen Nutrition is now turning its head to one of the busier categories in the industry, with the increasingly popular plant-based protein powder market. The brand has confirmed that an all-new item called Vegagen is on the way, which is its third protein powder alongside Protegen and Macrogen, which gets its protein exclusively from vegan-friendly sources.

To keep things interesting, the macros and plant-based sources of protein have yet to be revealed for Vegagen, although Morphogen Nutrition has shared an important detail. True to the brand’s style, it is separating Vegagen from the competition by adding extra vegan-friendly aminos, to give it a more complete EAA profile similar to a traditional whey protein powder.

We’re not sure when Morphogen Nutrition plans on dropping its intriguing plant-based protein powder, but it is due to be available sometime soon. The supplement is launching in the one 38 serving tub size with at least two tastes confirmed so far in Snickerdoodle and Almond Bliss.