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Naughty Boy combines SickPump with nootropics for its first-ever spin-off

naughty boy sickpump synergy

Naughty Boy has teased, revealed, and released a lot of supplements in its short time on the market, going from its original pre-workout Menace to covering a variety of popular categories. This week the lifestyle brand has announced yet another addition to its lineup, which is actually its first-ever spin-off, with an alternative version of its pump pre-workout SickPump.

The latest product from Naughty Boy is a focus enhanced version of SickPump named SickPump Synergy. It takes almost all of the ingredients in the regular SickPump at the same dosages and combines them with nootropics to provide a combination of pumps and focus. There is also the common performance-improving ingredient beta-alanine in the mix at its usual amount of 3.2g.

The main pump ingredients Naughty Boy has carried over from SickPump to SickPump Synergy include its hefty 6g of pure citrulline and 4g of GlycerSize glycerol. As for the features there to provide the focus side, you get a gram of tyrosine, 600mg of lion’s mane, 200mcg of huperzine A, and 300mg of what appears to be a choline blend called Choline Synergy.

SickPump Synergy is essentially Naughty Boy’s comprehensive stimulant-free pre-workout, formulated for a variety of benefits compared to SickPump which is mostly about enhancing pumps. While the UK brand is announcing the spin-off pre-workout today, it won’t be launching it for another month or so, with its current estimated arrival being somewhere near the end of July.