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Outbreak’s Pathogen is getting a new Caustic Cola in the coming weeks

outbreak caustic cola pathogen

The apocalyptic supplement company Outbreak Nutrition has just announced another flavor for its original stimulant pre-workout Pathogen. The new and upcoming Caustic Cola will be the fifth flavor for Pathogen, which does keep with the product’s creative naming theme, matching other flavors like Nuka Colada, Agent Orange-Pineapple, and War-Torn Melon.

Outbreak’s new Caustic Cola is the first flavor in the menu that is soda inspired, as the four other options currently available are all somewhat fruity. While the exact release date for Outbreak’s new Caustic Cola is yet to be confirmed, it should be available in the coming weeks with the brand’s online store expected to be the first place stocking it at $39.99 per tub.

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