All-natural and sugar-free Skinny Spices hit the market at £2.49 a bottle

May 25th, 2020
skinny food co launches skinny spices

The always busy functional food company, The Skinny Food Co, out of the UK, recently announced an all-new line of products that’s not something we’ve seen from the brand before. The creative team at The Skinny Food Co introduced a line of spices named ‘Skinny Spices’, similar to its many other skinny-titled products such as ‘Skinny Sauce’ and ‘Skinny Syrup’.

The brand announced its Skinny Spice line about ten days ago and said it would be available soon, and true to its word, the entire collection of all-natural spices has now launched. You can pick up the product in any of its 16 completely sugar-free flavors through The Skinny Food Co’s official online store, where they all cost £2.49 (3.03 USD) for a 50g bottle.