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Two more authentic flavors and price confirmed for the exciting new Ghost Gamer

sour patch kids redberry

Ghost has revealed that its promising new gaming supplement Ghost Gamer, formulated for energy, focus, cognition, and reaction, is launching in full-size tubs soon, in three different flavors. It was only earlier this week the original lifestyle brand unveiled the formula behind the product, and as per usual, Ghost has brought together a solid mix of ingredients.

In that full formula reveal, Ghost Gamer was also confirmed to be coming in the one Peach flavor; however, that is not the only taste the gaming supplement is going to have on its menu. There will, in fact, be two other options to choose from when Gamer arrives, both of which are authentic flavor collaborations, as we’ve seen for many of the brand’s other products.

Those other flavors for Ghost Gamer are Sour Patch Kids Redberry, and a second sour candy recipe with Warheads Sour Watermelon. The launch date for Ghost Gamer has yet to be set, but with so many details shared this week, we can’t imagine it being too far away, and we do know its price, which will be $39.99 before any coupon codes.