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Supplement Needs brings together 14 researched ingredients for its immune support formula

supplement needs immuno pro

Supplement Needs is a popular retailer over in the UK, although it also has its own line of supplements that has a strong reputation and is extremely well put together. In the first couple of months of the year, the Supplement Needs brand grew quite a bit with four new products, including a solid superfood formula and an HBCD-infused intra-workout.

The retailer and supplement brand is now turning its attention to the growing immune support category, which it plans on tackling with an all-new product called Immuno Pro+. The supplement is not due to launch for another couple of weeks; however, to build some interest, the brand has shared a preview of Immuno Pro+.

While the first look at Supplement Needs’ upcoming immune support product doesn’t reveal everything, it has enough detail to get some excitement going. Immuno Pro+ has been formulated to strengthen and support your immune system, and it comes with a solid 14 different ingredients to do just that, all packed into a large nine capsule serving size.

Based on the number of ingredients and serving size, it looks like Immuno Pro+ will be another packed out product from Supplement Needs. With a serving size that large, you can almost guarantee it’ll have all 14 of its ingredients dosed incredibly well, although that’s not too surprising considering how well put together the rest of the brand’s lineup is.

As mentioned, Supplement Needs is looking to launch Immuno Pro+ within the next few weeks through its online store, with full details on its promising, comprehensive formula due to be shared between now and then.

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