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Viterna follows up Gladiator Blood with a pair of vitamin C-based supplements

viterna vitamin c products

Sweden’s up and coming brand Viterna is returning to headlines this week after introducing the pre-workout Gladiator Blood in March, with two more new supplements. Unlike Gladiator Blood, the brand’s latest efforts are fairly straightforward products and along the same lines as what we’ve seen from a lot of other companies in the industry lately.

Viterna’s new releases this month explain themselves in their names with Vitamin C and Vitamin C + Echinacea; the former is a simple vitamin C formula, and the latter combines vitamin C and echinacea. Both supplements feature vitamin C at a reasonable dose of half a gram per capsule, with Vitamin C + Echinacea also packing 100mg of echinacea.

Viterna’s two vitamin C-based products are formulated to help support your immune system with the echinacea version, obviously having an additional ingredient to achieve that. Both Vitamin C and Vitamin C + Echinacea are launching this month in the brand’s home country of Sweden in bottles of 100 single-capsule servings.

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