Black Skull drops a new type of Bone Crusher with a similar mix of ingredients

black skull bone crusher nitro 2t

The Brazilian brand Black Skull has dropped a new version of its long-running pre-workout Bone Crusher, which is basic but similar to others in the strict region. The regular Bone Crusher combines arginine, creatine monohydrate, taurine, and caffeine, all at moderate dosages with the caffeine at 140mg per serving and the creatine at 1.6g.

Black Skull’s new Bone Crusher is Bone Crusher Nitro 2T, which features almost the exact same formula. The main ingredients in Nitro 2T are all of the same ones mentioned above in addition to sodium and potassium. Those consistent ingredients are however, dosed slightly differently when you compare the two, scoop versus scoop.

Each tub of Black Skull’s Bone Crusher Nitro 2T comes with 54 scoops per tub while the regular Bone Crusher has 60. The creatine in each scoop of Nitro 2T is 100mg lower than the regular Bone Crusher at 1.5g, and less caffeine at 100mg. There is also less taurine at 225mg instead of 400mg, and lastly, you do get more of something with 750mg of arginine.

Bone Crusher Nitro 2T is essentially a different balance of the same ingredients, plus the added sodium and potassium. Another difference is Black Skull has listed the dosages on Nitro 2T’s facts panel based on a two scoop-serving. That initially makes it look like it has more, but as mentioned, scoop to scoop is the fairer way to compare them.

Bone Crusher Nitro 2T is now available for purchase from Black Skull’s website and at slightly more than the regular version of the pre-workout at R149.90 (27.36 USD) in the one Peruvian Maca and Yellow Fruit flavor.