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Flow looks to be coming out with a new version of its original pre-workout

flow potential new pre

The well-rounded pre-workout Pre is one of the first supplements from the film star Zachary Levi and his brand Flow, which is still quite a new company. The reason we’re bringing up the brand and that specific product, is that Flow has dropped a teaser this week featuring an upcoming supplement that looks to be a new version of Pre.

While Flow has blurred its teaser enough to not see anything clearly, the main title appears to be quite short and led by the letter ‘P’, hence why we think it’s an updated Pre. With Pre being one of the brand’s first-ever products, and Flow itself over one-year-old, the idea of Flow’s pre-workout getting revamped and reformulated does make sense.

If fans of Flow are indeed in for a new take on Pre, we have to imagine it’ll be an improvement on the original, despite it already featuring a fairly well-rounded formula.

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