Mango Mania makes it six flavors for the recently revamped Rhino Black V2

muscle sport mango mania rhino black v2

To kick off the year, Muscle Sport reformulated and relaunched its well-rounded pre-workout, the Black Series, Rhino Black V2. The brand kept most of the ingredients and dosages the same with four features removed from the supplement, and two new ones added. The ingredients Muscle Sport dropped were agmatine, Nitrosigine, caffeine citrate, and hordenine, with the additions being the S7 pump blend and theobromine.

The brand and its revamped Rhino Black V2 are now back with news of another flavor for the five-month-old reformulation. The supplement did already have five tastes to choose from, but as always, more is welcome, with the newest member of the menu being Mango Mania. Fans can grab the refreshing new Mango Mania Rhino Black V2 from Muscle Sport’s website at $35.99 for those signed up to our Stack3d Insider.