Raw Nutrition keeps it simple for its amino with a full-spectrum of EAAs

Jun 20th, 2020
raw nutrtiion raw eaa

Over the past week or so, we’ve shared details on two supplements from Matt Jansen’s all-new and upcoming brand Raw Nutrition with the pre-workout Raw Pump and Raw Intra. Today we’ve got information on one of the company’s simpler products in its amino competitor Raw EAA, featuring, of course, all nine essential amino acids to support muscle recovery and repair.

Each serving of Raw Nutrition’s Raw EAA comes with a combined 9.1g of the nine EAAs, with just over half of that being the three all-important BCAAs at 5g with a 3:1:1 ratio. While EAAs are the main feature of the supplement, the brand has thrown something else in there, similar to what you see from the majority of other competitors in the category with electrolytes for hydration.

We’re still sure when Matt Jansen’s Raw Nutrition is due to launch, only that we’re closer now than we were when we last posted about the brand. Raw EAA is one of the handful of products Raw is looking to drop when it eventually debuts, at which time it’ll have at least two flavors to choose from in Watermelon and Pineapple.