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Cereal School introduces its first non-cereal snack and changes its name

schoolyard snacks keto cheese puffs

The Cereal School has become quite a popular company due to its tasty, low-carbohydrate, and keto-friendly cereal that has expanded to a total of seven different flavors. Today is quite a big day for the brand as it is introducing an all-new product that’s actually not a cereal, and to go with that launch, The Cereal School is changing its name to Schoolyard Snacks.

The newly named functional company has introduced Keto Cheese Puffs, which is an on-the-go, cheese puff style snack with a much better nutrition profile than traditional puffs. Each bag of Schoolyard Snacks’ Keto Cheese Puffs provides 13 to 14g of protein, 4.5 to 5g of fat, an impressively lean 1 to 2g of carbohydrates, a gram of sugar, and only 100 calories.

schoolyard snacks keto cheese puffs

Despite having significantly better macros, Keto Cheese Puffs still promise to deliver crunchy consistency and delicious flavor. They are made with milk isolate for the high protein, sunflower oil, cheddar powder, and the sweeteners allulose and monk fruit. Schoolyard Snacks’ product comes in two flavors with a classic Cheddar Cheese and the spicy Flaming Hot.

Schoolyard Snacks’ Keto Cheese Puffs come in the same purchase options as its original keto-friendly cereal on its website at You can get a dozen bags for $29.99; 24 bags for $49.99 in either or both flavors; and 48 bags at $89.97, again, in either or both flavors.