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Whey-based Whey’d protein powder coming soon to Sweat Ethic’s Sport Series

sweat ethic wheyd protein powder

Sweat Ethic has unveiled the product it recently teased with a pixelated picture of what appeared to be a 2lb tub. Our guess at the supplement was a protein powder due to the size, although there were other possibilities like an intra-workout or carbohydrate. It turns out our suspicions of a protein powder were spot on, as that is exactly what it is with Sweat Ethic introducing Whey’d.

Sweat Ethic’s latest supplement is for its more advanced Sport Series and features a traditional whey-based formula as the name “Whey’d” implies, providing the usual 25g of protein per serving. Like a few other more modern and recent entries into the highly competitive world of protein powder, Whey’d is infused with added digestive enzymes to help with digestion.

As far as we know, Sweat Ethic plans on launching its Whey’d protein powder within the next couple of weeks and with three different flavors to choose from. There will be the usual options in Chocolate and Vanilla, as well as a much more uncommon and creative effort with Peanut Butter and Jelly.