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Vayu previews its promising Intra featuring KSM-66 and Cluster Dextrin

vayu intra-workout

Vayu is a great looking brand out of Germany that hit the market in the past few months with a really unique and eye-catching look that dropped all facts and highlights in favor of a mysterious logo-focused design. Vayu kicked things off with a simple energy formula in Meta+, the protein powder 2C+, the stimulant-free pre-workout Nitro, and the loaded amino mTOR.

The intriguing and still very new German supplement company has now previewed its first product since its debut. That upcoming item is the intra-workout ‘Intra’ and is said to have been formulated without a budget. The brand seems to have put as much attention as possible into the ingredients and dosages of Intra to ensure it delivers all of the benefits and effects necessary.

While Vayu has not shared the entire formula behind Intra just yet, it has confirmed some of its biggest highlights, with more detailed information coming next week. Those highlights are all premium and patented ingredients with the quality carbohydrate Cluster Dextrin, Pepto Pro, GlutaPep, KSM-66 ashwagandha, and BioPerine.

The aim of the Vayu supplement is much the same as other intra-workouts, and that is to provide support for hydration, endurance, performance, and recovery. The brand is also saying Intra can be stacked with its loaded amino mTOR, which leads us to believe that it won’t be featuring BCAAs of EAAs, since mTOR comes with a huge 19.9g of eight of the nine EAAs per serving.

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