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Ambrosia puts together a cookbook with Allie Blair for fans of Planta

ambrosia cookbook

The team at the collective supplement company Ambrosia from Marc Lobliner, Mike Rashid, and Sean Torbati of HPN, has put together a cookbook for fans of its popular plant-based Planta protein powder. The ebook comes filled with delicious, healthy, and plant-based recipes from the personal trainer and plant-based food fan Allie Blair (@abv_fitlife).

All of the recipes in the Ambrosia Cookbook involve the brand’s Planta protein powder, hence why they’re healthy, plant-based, and likely to be high in protein. Another interesting detail about the digitally downloaded book is that you can’t actually buy it. The only way to get your hands on it is as a freebie with purchases of Planta through the brand’s online store.