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Atlhetica becomes the first Brazilian supplement brand to be distributed in China

athletica nutrition now available in china

Athletica Nutrition, a popular and growing Brazilian company as well as a nominee of our International Brand Of The Year Award for 2019, has become the first Brazilian brand to be distributed in China. The team has announced this week it’s been picked up by the company Life Is For Excellence, or more simply referred to as ‘LIFE’, who is carrying quite a selection of products from the extensive Atlhetica line.

From what we know, LIFE is distributing several of Atlhetica Nutrition’s more known supplements, including its popular protein powder Best Whey, the vegan-friendly spin-off Best Vegan, and the bar version in Best Whey Bar. LIFE also has all of those products in a variety of flavors, an area Atlhetica excels, but best of all, it’s great to see the brand expand and be welcomed in the giant Chinese market.

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