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Barbell Brigade looks to get back into sports nutrition with Strength Stack

barbell brigade strength stack

The reputable and popular Barbell Brigade out of Los Angeles, known for its gym and clothing, has been steadily expanding its line of supplements since introducing its first one in August of last year. The team has gone from its original stimulant pre-workout into superfood with Performance Greens, then more recently, immune health with Immunity Support.

With Barbell Brigade’s last two supplements being more about general health than sports nutrition, like its first release, the brand is now looking to get back into that original space. This week, Barbell Brigade has previewed its fourth product, a strength and endurance-focused formula featuring creatine and a few supporting ingredients yet to be revealed.

The reason we’re saying there are more ingredients to Barbell Brigade’s Strength Stack despite its label not being shared, is the serving size is quite large, at just over 10g, leaving plenty of room for more than creatine. The name ‘Stack’ doesn’t really suit a single-ingredient supplement either, so we suspect it to be much like the brand’s other products, and have quite a few ingredients in the mix to get the job done.

Barbell Brigade is looking to launch Strength Stack exactly one week from today on Wednesday of next week, through its website, and in the one 30 serving tub size and one Tropical Raspberry flavor.