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Vanilla Caramel flavor takes Elite Labs’ Beef Gold menu to a total of three

elite labs vanilla caramel beef gold

The Mexican brand Elite Labs, not to be confused with the more established Elite Labs USA known for its mass protein, Mass Muscle Gainer, has dropped another flavor for one of its many protein powders. We actually featured the brand for the first time in April, where it also dropped a new flavor for a separate protein powder with a Neapolitan Ice Cream Whey Gold.

The new addition to the Elite Labs lineup this time around is flavor number three for the brand’s beef-based protein powder Beef Gold providing 23g of protein per serving plus added enzymes to enhance digestion. Beef Gold now comes in a traditional vanilla flavor with a rather creative caramel twist in Vanilla Caramel, which is available on the Elite Labs website in a 4.4lb tub.