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Spin-off of Game Day coming soon and promising a high intensity experience

man sports game day nootropic

Game Day is one of the longest-running pre-workout supplements on the market, coming from the reputable and reliable brand, MAN Sports. The most recent version of the product hit the market back at the end of 2018, so just over one and half years ago. It features a relatively well-rounded formula including a hefty 8g of pure citrulline for pumps, NeuroFactor for focus, and 350mg of caffeine for energy.

MAN Sports has now revealed that it is coming out with an all-new version of its legacy pre-workout named ‘Game Day Nootropic’. It will be a special edition spin-off of the supplement that features a slightly different combination of ingredients compared to the original. As per usual, the brand is not revealing everything about the upcoming product right away, only confirming three of its main ingredients.

The features revealed so far for MAN Sports Game Day Nootropic are 100mg of S7 for pumps, a huge 5g of HydroMax glycerol, also for pumps, and 600mg of alpha-GPC for focus. None of those ingredients can be found in the current version of Game Day, so it should make for quite a different experience. There are more ingredients in the supplement outside of those three, combining for an 11.3g serving size.

More details on the new MAN Sports pre-workout should be along soon, including a full reveal of everything that makes up the Game Day Nootropic, which is said to be more stimulant focused.