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Newcomer MetaLab promises an industry first with its upcoming limited flavors

metalab teases two special edition flavors

Sometime in the next few days, the creatively branded South African supplement company MetaLab is introducing a pair of special edition flavors. The up and coming brand is staying tight-lipped on this one, revealing zero details about what product or products are getting the new options, or what the intriguing options themselves are going to be.

MetaLab has shared an image teasing the flavors featuring a silhouette similar to its protein powders, the blend-style formula Bridge, and the premium whey isolate-based ISO-Bridge. Judging by the brand’s wording, we’re guessing MetaLab has a new flavor on the way, that will be available for both of its protein powders, or potentially two flavors for Bridge or ISO-Bridge.

To add to the excitement, MetaLab is saying that one of the upcoming limited edition flavors is an industry first, which always ends up being something we have seen before or truly an industry first. In the short time we’ve followed the brand, it has shown a good amount of creativity both in branding and in its products, so we’re expecting big things for this one.

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