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Cookie Cereal wins Obvi’s fan-voted contest as its next Kid’s Complete Protein flavor

obvi cookie cereal kids complete protein

In May, Obvi asked fans to have their say and vote for which flavor they would like to see added to the vitamin-fortified and third-party tested Kid’s Complete Protein. The health and wellness brand gave its growing list of loyal followers two cereal-themed flavors to choose from with Marshmallow Cereal and Cookie Cereal, and we can now confirm Cookie Cereal is the one that’s come out on top.

Obvi’s Cookie Cereal comes with all of the usual benefits of Kid’s Complete Protein, including a reasonable 10g of protein, just a gram of sugar, and a full blend of 18 different vitamins and minerals. The brand is planning to launch its first-ever fan-voted flavor one week from today on Wednesday of next week, through its online store, where 15 serving tubs cost $34.99, or $32.50 each when buying two.