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Pumpkin season comes early for Outright with its new Pumpkin Pie flavor

pumpkin pie peanut butter outright bar

The season of pumpkin products has arrived early this year with Marc Lobliner and his functional brand officially launching the Pumpkin Pie Peanut Butter Outright Bar. The entirely new flavor is now available through the major supplement retailer The Vitamin Shoppe, which is currently the only place you can purchase the pumpkin-themed protein bar.

A Pumpkin Pie Outright Bar packs a reasonable 18g of protein, which is one of the higher protein flavors in the regular Outright Bar family. As per usual, the product is made with only real food ingredients, including peanut butter, honey, and whey. As mentioned, at the moment, the flavor is exclusive to The Vitamin Shoppe, where boxes of 12 will cost you $24.99.

Once again, the Pumpkin Pie Peanut Butter Outright Bar is only exclusive to The Vitamin Shoppe for a short period of time. In about four weeks the product will become available outside of the major retailer, expanding out to the likes of Tiger Fitness.

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