Authentic Swedish Fish flavor coming to Ghost’s two-month-old gaming product

Jul 17th, 2020
swedish fish ghost gamer

Just a couple of months ago, in May, the original lifestyle supplement company Ghost hit the market with its first dedicated focus-enhancing product, Ghost Gamer. We got to try the supplement a month later and found it to be an ideal fit for its intended gaming audience, delivering increased energy, focus, and alertness, at a moderate level, but best of all, it’s consistent and long-lasting.

Despite Ghost Gamer only being two months old, the brand has announced another flavor for the product. Since it arrived, the gaming supplement has been available in three flavors with Peach, and two authentic collaborations in Warheads Sour Watermelon and Sour Patch Kids Redberry. The next addition to the menu is going to be another collaboration with Swedish Fish.

Fans of Ghost will know this isn’t the first time it’s teamed up for an authentic Swedish Fish release. The lifestyle brand does already have the flavor available for its straightforward Ghost BCAA, released almost two years ago in September of 2018. No date has been set for the launch of the Swedish Fish Ghost Gamer yet, although we suspect it to be soon now that it’s been revealed.