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Skinny Food Co puts together spaghetti noodles with only 4 calories per serve

the skinny food skinny spaghetti

The Skinny Food Co from the UK, is back this week with another exciting new product, and while it’s usually all about sauces and toppings, that is not the case on this occasion. The creative, functional company has come up with something that we’ve only seen from a couple of other competitors out there with the incredibly low-calorie Skinny Spaghetti Noodles.

The new Skinny Spaghetti Noodles from The Skinny Food Co are indeed what they sound like; spaghetti noodles but with significantly lower macros compared to traditional spaghetti. The product is made with konjac flour, which gives a moderate 70g serving zero fat, zero protein, and just 2.7g of carbohydrates, for a grand total of only four calories.

The price on The Skinny Food Co’s Skinny Spaghetti Noodles is very reasonable, considering you get three 70g servings per bag, at £1.89 (2.39 USD). The brand actually takes things even lower with its bulk bundle, where you get six bags for £1.66 (2.10 USD) each, all through The Skinny Food’s website at