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Introducing Barebells all-new flavorful crispy protein bar Double Bite

barebells double bite protein bar

Barebells, the maker of our long-standing, number one rated protein bar, has come out with an all-new bar this week, and it looks like another delicious treat. Double Bite is the latest snack creation from the Swedish functional brand, featuring a very different build from either of its other bars, the original Barebells Protein Bar and the gooey centered Core Bar.

The Barebells Double Bite protein snack comes with two half-sized bars, each made of light and crispy high protein puffs, a layer of gooey flavor, and a solid chocolate coating. The macros are not as lean as the regular Barebells Protein Bar, but solid nonetheless with 16 to 17g of protein per pack, 19g of carbohydrates with 2g of that sugar, 7.6 to 8.3g of fat, and 197 to 199 calories.

barebells double bite protein bar

Those variations in the nutrition profile are because Barebells Double Bite Protein Bar does differ slightly across its two flavors, both of which look and sound absolutely delicious. There is Caramel Crisp with a gooey layer of buttery caramel sauce on the inside, then you have the more chocolate heavy experience Chocolate Crisp, with a salty chocolate sauce filling.

The all-new Double Bite Protein Bar is already out and available in Barebells home country of Sweden from major retail partners such as Proteinbolaget. The product’s price is actually the same as the top-rated Barebells Protein Bar at 25 kr (2.87 USD) per bar or 249 kr (28.54 USD) for a box of 12, with mixed boxes available as well for that same 249 kr.