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Be Legend teams up with another manga for an acerola cherry protein

be legend first steps dempsey roll protein powder

The Japanese brand Be Legend who has done more collaborations in the short time we’ve followed it than any other supplement company out there, is celebrating the arrival of yet another one this week. Be Legend has teamed up with a popular manga once again, this time being the best-selling boxing series ‘The First Step’ and the collaboration a flavor for its protein powder.

The product from Be Legend and The First Step is named after the boxing move the manga’s main character Ippo Makunouchi frequently uses with ‘Dempsey Roll’. As per usual, the name does not give you any idea of what the special edition collaboration tastes like, although fortunately, there is a description. Be Legend’s Dempsey Roll protein powder is, in fact, an acerola cherry flavor.

Be Legend’s latest collaboration features its usual whey formula providing 20.8g of protein per serving with a moderate 4.9g of carbohydrates, 1.7g of fat, and 118 calories. To go with the supplement, the brand has put together a couple of tees themed around the manga in black and white options, with everything now available at the retailer Real Style individually and in bundles.

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