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Beyond Yourself’s plant-based protein gets its first new flavor since launch

beyond yourself vegan peanut butter dream

Coming up one year ago, the Canadian brand Beyond Yourself jumped into the increasingly competitive market of plant-based, vegan-friendly protein powder with its shortly named ‘Vegan’. The supplement promises none of that traditional gritty texture you get with most plant protein powders and launched with three flavors in Vanilla Cupcake Batter, Brownie Batter, and a less traditional Salted Caramel.

Beyond Yourself has now added to the menu of its vegan-friendly protein powder, giving the supplement its first new option since hitting the market in October of last year. The welcome addition to the now four-part lineup is a classic peanut butter creation called Peanut Butter Dream. It features Beyond Yourself’s usual 20g of protein per serving with only 100 calories and is already available from the brand’s website.