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Bodylab jumps on the collagen trend with its latest complex supplement

bodylab multipurpose collagen booster

Danish brand Bodylab, who we last saw releasing a pair of carbohydrate performance supplements, has got a new product to close out the month with ‘Multipurpose Collagen Booster’. As you can tell by the name, the supplement sees the brand get in on the collagen trend, and while collagen is the product’s main ingredient, that is not all that’s in there.

Bodylab’s Multipurpose Collagen Booster comes with a reasonable 3.2g of collagen per serving alongside 80mg of vitamin c to improve collagen synthesis, biotin, zinc, selenium, and boswellia extract. Everything in the latest Bodylab supplement is there to support healthy hair, skin, nails, and joints, similar to most collagen-based products that have hit the market.

Bodylab has launched Multipurpose Collagen Booster in two tasty flavors with Green Apple and Ice Tea Peach. The direct price on the supplement is 229DKK (36.71 USD) for a full-size tub, although the brand does have a second option. Fans can decide to subscribe to the product and get a tub sent to them each month with free shipping and a hefty 30% discount, dropping Multipurpose Collagen Booster to 159DKK (25.49 USD).