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Inspired previews beverage versions of its EAA and thermogenic amino

inspired amino beverage

Inspired, our Brand Of The Year winner for 2019, has dropped another huge announcement on top of its recently revealed pre-workout, DVST8 Of The Union. The news is about the brand’s first-ever beverage or as it turns out beverages, with Inspired previewing two upcoming drinks, both of which are on-the-go carbonated versions of its amino supplements.

The reputable brand has shown off beverage spin-offs of its upcoming thermogenic EAA, Amino Fuego, and its regular full-spectrum EAA, Inspired Amino. Based on the previews Inspired has shared, the formulas will be much the same as the original supplements with EAAs and thermogenic ingredients in Amino Fuego, and EAAs and minerals in the Inspired Amino drink.

There is absolutely no mention of when Inspired is looking to launch either of its amino-based beverages, although, as mentioned, it does already have a lot on its plate. The brand’s promising pre-workout DVST8 Of The Union is due to hit the market within the next month, and with pre-workout being a category Inspired is known for, it’s going to be one to watch out for.

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