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Fruity Cereal flavor now available for Primeval’s cost-effective protein powder

more flavors of primeval labs whey

Whey is Primeval Labs’ simply named, whey-based protein powder that puts a strong focus on cost-effectiveness, launching in May at $25 per 4lb tub when buying two. The supplement’s serving size is quite large, with 23g of protein in about a 34g serving, so you don’t get as much total protein per tub as say 4lbs of a typical whey isolate, but it is still great value.

Since its May launch, Primeval Labs has had only three flavors available for its straightforward protein powder in Chocolate Milk, Diner Vanilla, and Cookies ‘N Cream. This week the brand has expanded that out to four with a cereal-themed, Fruity Cereal. That flavor is in stock now on the Primeval Labs website, and just like when the product arrived, there is a deal available.

To go with the release of its Fruity Cereal Whey, Primeval Labs is running a website promotion where you get 25% off the supplement when spending $50, 30% off with $100, and $35 off with $150. At that higher 35%, when buying three tubs, Whey drops from $59.99 to $38.99. That is obviously not as good as that $25 each for two, but you do get free shipping on this one.