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Nutrabio asks fans to decide which of its three Freedom Flavors it should keep

nutrabio vote freedom flavors

This year, for the 4th Of July, Nutrabio introduced a limited edition line of flavors for two of its protein powders called the Freedom Flavors Series. It is made up of two unique options for Whey Protein Isolate with Miss American Pie featuring real apple pieces and a more pre-workout type taste with Bombs Away. The third one is for the brand’s Muscle Matrix in Freedom Fetti.

As mentioned, Nutrabio’s entire Freedom Flavors Series is a limited edition launch, so it is noty intended to be around for good. It now looks like that may no longer be the case, at least for one of the three creative flavors of protein powder. The brand is asking fans to vote on which of the three Freedom Flavors it should keep around; Miss American Pie, Bombs Away, or Freedom Fetti.

To vote, all you need to do is head to the Nutrabio website, pick one of three currently limited edition protein powder flavors, and submit alongside your email.