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One Pro enhances vitamin c with liposomal technology for its latest launch

one pro liposomal vitamin c

The UK brand One Pro Nutrition who came out with an impressive plant-based protein bar last year, delivering both great taste and texture, has jus dropped something a little simpler. The widely available brand has introduced Liposomal Vitamin C, a vitamin c supplement enhanced with liposomal technology to get more of the powerful antioxidant into your body.

One Pro Nutrition’s Liposomal Vitamin C is simply a more bioavailable vitamin c product, with one gram of the liposomal-enhanced ingredient packed into each serving. Another interesting detail of the supplement is that it doesn’t come in pills or bulk powder, but individually wrapped sachets that you can have straight or mixed in water, in just the one Orange flavor to start.

The latest product from One Pro Nutrition is now available directly through its website, although with the liposomal technology, it is a lot more expensive than straightforward vitamin c. A full box of 30, single-serving sachets of One Pro’s Liposomal Vitamin C will cost £32.49 (42.53 USD).