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Predator releases high protein bread that’s impressively low in carbs

predator nutrition protein bread

As we’ve posted about several times before, the UK retailer Predator Nutrition offers the industry a lot more than its great retail locations and online store. The long-running company also has its own line of products, and it is quite extensive. The Predator selection includes various types of supplements such as protein powder and single-ingredients formulas, as well as functional items.

This month, Predator Nutrition has introduced another functional product for its lineup with the simply named ‘Protein Bread’. The product is indeed, exactly that, a loaf of bread that is high in protein. Packed into two slices of Predator’s Protein Bread is 13.7g of protein, thanks to its inclusion of added whey protein, with just 3.1g of carbohydrates, 1.1g of sugar, 5.3g of fat, and 117 calories.

Predator Nutrition has done a great job at keeping its Protein Bread high in protein and significantly lower in carbohydrates compared to regular bread. You can grab the retailer and brand’s newest product from its website, where a loaf of 16 slices will cost you a reasonable £5.99 (7.85 USD).