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Protein Pantry drops its take on the classic English dessert Eton Mess

protein pantry eton mess protein bar

The original handmade, small-batch protein snack brand Protein Pantry has a new limited-edition treat this month with the Eton Mess protein bar. Eton Mess is a traditional English dessert, which is fitting since Protein Pantry is UK-based. Classic Eton Mess is a mix of fresh strawberries, whipped cream, and sweet meringue, all presented in a messy pile, hence the name.

Protein Pantry’s new Eton Mess protein bar aims to deliver that same classic combination with a white chocolate protein bar plus strawberry, meringue, and champagne cream. The product packs an impressive amount of protein considering how delicious it looks and sounds with 26.7g, followed by 16.8g of carbohydrates with 5g of that sugar, 7.2g of fat, and 260 calories.

The Eton Mess protein bar from Protein Pantry is, as mentioned, a limited-edition launch, and since dropping on the brand’s website over the weekend, it has already sold out. Fortunately, Protein Pantry’s take on the traditional English dessert is going to be restocked soon and will also be available from the retailer partners that picked up the product.