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REPP gets ready to release its third new supplement for the month

repp sports focus

Tomorrow, REPP Sports is dropping another entirely new supplement, its third supplement, in fact, this month, with the other two being the testosterone booster Test Pro and amino Recov-7. REPP Sports’ latest creation borrows part of its name from its original fat burner and popular energy drink with RAZE Focus, which is, of course, a product formulated to enhance focus.

RAZE Focus brings together a blend of b vitamins, and three non-transparent blends to deliver increased energy, cognition, and focus. It’s essentially a caffeinated nootropic supplement primarily formulated to boost brain function. The product is going to be a great addition to the REPP Sports family, as despite already having well over ten products, a dedicated focus formula is not one of them.

Once again, REPP Sports is looking to launch its energy and focus enhancing RAZE Focus tomorrow, and if it’s anything like Recov-7 or even Test Pro, the brand will be introducing it with a solid sale. We don’t yet know what any of the ingredients in the supplement are outside of caffeine, although that is changing tomorrow when RAZE Focus becomes available and all is revealed.

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