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All-in-one Battalion makes it three products coming soon from Rising Labs

rising labs battalion

Rising Labs has announced another new supplement this week, following on from yesterday’s reveal of the reds and greens formula Symbiosis. Battalion is the latest product to be named by the brand, and this one comes with a lot more details. Battalion is going to be Rising Labs multivitamin supplement, although, as we’ve seen from a few others, it will be a lot more than your typical multi.

Rising Labs has formulated Battalion as an all-in-one type product, packed full of vitamins and minerals for general health and wellness. Alongside all of that is going to be a whole bunch of ingredients to support inflammation, cortisol, fatigue, digestion, and more. Some of those ingredients are KSM-66 ashwagandha, the up and coming stimulant enXtra, and the fruits and greens Spectra blend.

Battalion is essentially going to be a multivitamin with Rising Labs’ usual complex and comprehensive approach. It is, as mentioned, an all-in-one style supplement, providing a longer list of benefits than your typical multivitamin, and coming in an Orange Cream-flavored powder. Battalion is due to launch soon, which is also the case for Symbiosis as well as the still upcoming and mysterious Siphon.

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