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RYSE Loaded Bar Review: Better macros but a much harder consistency

ryse loaded bar review

The Loaded Bar is the first protein snack from RYSE, released a few months ago, and featuring a real food-based formula. Being the brand’s first entry into the space, we decided to get our hands on it and see what the finished product is like. Its build is quite similar to the popular Outright Protein Bar; however, the macros are different, with the Loaded Bar packing fewer calories.

RYSE’s Loaded Bar has 16g of protein per bar, 24 to 26g of carbohydrates with 9 to 10g of that sugar, 13g of fat, and a calorie count of 250. As you can see, those numbers do vary slightly across each of the product’s three flavors, which are Peanut Butter Cookie, Chocolate Fudge, and White Chocolate Chip, with all of them featuring a peanut butter base.

ryse loaded bar review


If you’re at all familiar with the Outright Protein Bar, as soon as you rip open a RYSE Loaded Bar, you’ll see what we mean by it featuring a similar kind of build. The shape and feel is almost identical, although that’s not the case when you bite into it. With the leaner nutrition profile comes a much denser consistency, that doesn’t have Outright’s signature melt-in-your-mouth texture.

The RYSE Loaded Bar is a slightly dry, chewy protein snack that’ll have your jaw working much longer than you’d like. Unfortunately, the chewing does take your attention away a bit from the product’s flavors, however they are there. The Loaded Bar delivers on its promise of a peanut butter base featuring a smooth and noticeable peanut flavor infused with some highlights from each option.

The Chocolate Fudge Loaded Bar is the best of the three flavors, combining that peanut butter base with a stronger level of chocolate, creating a peanut butter brownie-like experience. The White Chocolate Chip is similar, although with a lighter amount of white chocolate sweetness, then you have Peanut Butter Cookie, which packs just a more intense peanut butter flavor.

ryse loaded bar review


While the RYSE Loaded Bar isn’t as good as the Outright Protein Bar, a comparison we can’t help but make with the similarities between the two, it’s a solid effort considering it’s the brand’s first protein snack. We definitely would’ve preferred a smoother texture and consistency if it meant less favorable macros as that’s really the only thing that lets the product down.

Despite the hard and chewy texture, RYSE manages to pack some solid flavors into the Loaded Bar. We actually feel the flavors would stand out a little more if the density wasn’t as tough, especially with the chunks throughout the bars providing some noticeable spikes in sweetness.