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Fans of SinFit are getting another protein baking mix later this month

sinfit nutrition protein waffle mix

SinFit Nutrition, originally known as Sinister Labs, recently announced a new Blueberry Bomb flavor for its high protein pancake mix, which has still yet to be made available. It turns out the functional brand wasn’t quite done with the world of baking mixes, as this week, it has announced something else for the category, although this time it is not another flavor.

SinFit Nutrition’s latest piece of excitement is an entirely new product with Protein Waffle Mix. As the name suggests, it is a powder that you use to make your own tasty, high-protein waffles by combining it with water. The product packs 21g of protein per serving, which is a good amount for waffles; however, we don’t know any of its other macros, so that doesn’t mean too much just yet.

The only other details we have to share from SinFit Nutrition about its upcoming Protein Waffle Mix is that it’s coming in at least one flavor with Banana Blitz, like its original Protein Pancake Mix. The other information we have is in regards to its launch, with the brand currently hoping to have the product out and available sometime later this month.