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Skinny Food bringing together spread and breadsticks in its next product

skinny food chocaholic snack pot

The Skinny Food Co is back this week with news on another upcoming product, which is something we’ve seen before from a few other companies, but exciting nonetheless. Like Maximuscle, Myprotein, and MET-Rx, the UK brand is coming out with Chocaholic Snack Pot, a low-calorie twist on the classic snack of small dipping breadsticks and a pot of chocolate spread.

Each of The Skinny Food Co’s Chocaholic Snack Pots weighs in at 22g, so it’s a compact treat. Squeezed into a single Snack Pot is a handful of miniature breadsticks and a pot of chocolate hazelnut spread that you dip them into. As delicious as the spread will undoubtedly be, it is very low in sugar, with everything in the pack — sticks and spread — having a combined calorie count of 102.

The chocolate hazelnut spread in the Chocaholic Snack Pots seems to be the same or similar to what you get in The Skinny Food Co’s Chocaholic Spread. It makes the same claim saying it has 92% less sugar than regular chocolate spread. Either way, the upcoming item is going to be available soon and coming from The Skinny Food Co, that likely means in the next week or so.