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Skinny Food drops a vegan-friendly egg alternative and protein bread mix

skinny food co egg replacer

With another week comes another couple of releases from the ever-expanding functional brand The Skinny Food Co, out of the UK. This year, it has been almost non-stop for the company, with launch after launch, introducing flavors, products, and even a new brand. The latest from The Skinny Food Co is a pair of functional powders that will undoubtedly come in handy for fans.

The first of the brand’s two new products is ‘Bread Mix’, which is precisely that; a mixture that you use to create your own bread, but in typical Skinny Food style, it is high-protein, low-calorie bread with 44 calories per slice. The other item is ‘Egg Replacer’, another self-explanatory product designed for use in place of eggs for cooking and baking, and it’s vegan-friendly.

Both The Skinny Food Co’s Bread Mix and Egg Replacer, are now available for purchase through its online store, with the pair priced at £2.49 (3.26 USD) each for a 150g bag.