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Ugly continues its limited edition series in August with Orange Soda

ugly orange soda

Right on cue, the beverage brand Ugly has dropped another limited-time flavor of its signature Sparkling Water, just as it said it would when it started the monthly series in May. The brand started it all with Cherry Cola; then, in June, we got Sour Apple. Last month fans of Ugly were treated to a unique Marshmallow Sparkling Water, and for August, the brand has introduced a classic Orange Soda.

The citrus-based flavor is available now through the Ugly website at the slightly more expensive price of $30 for a case of 12 cans. The Orange Soda Sparkling Water is as clean as all of the brand’s other flavors made with sparkling water and natural flavor with no sugar, carbs, fat, or calories. It is worth mentioning the latest limited flavor is only available to Ugly newsletter subscribers, with a full launch to follow.

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