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Alpha Dreams being renamed Superhuman Sleep with better tasting flavors

alpha lion superhuman sleep

Alpha Lion has slowly expanded its ‘Superhuman’ product name into several different supplements and categories over the past year or so, with this week bringing news of yet another. It was only last month the brand introduced Superhuman Pump, the new name of its pump pre-workout originally called Komodo Pump, and now we have details on a similar thing for another product.

Alpha Lion has revealed that much like Komodo Pump and Superhuman Pump; it is renaming its previously released nighttime product, Alpha Dreams. The brand is continuing its Superhuman build out with this one, unveiling Superhuman Sleep. The supplement will feature all of the same ingredients and dosages as Alpha Dreams to support weight loss, muscle recovery, and of course, sleep.

Superhuman Sleep is hitting the market near the end of this month through the Alpha Lion online store, although there will be one other notable change to the product. The brand has reworked the taste of the supplement, promising a better flavor experience, with two options available at launch with a revamped version of the original Tropical Terminator and an all-new SlaughterMelon.