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Flavor names revealed for Be Legend’s 20 Street Fighter V collaborations

be legend street fighter v collab flavors

This Wednesday, Japan’s consistently collaborative brand Be Legend, is releasing its second partnership with the iconic video game franchise, Street Fighter, specifically Street Fighter V. Last year, the brand came out with a flavor of its protein powder themed around one of the game’s main characters in Ryu, and named the flavor after his signature move, Hadoken.

This year Be Legend has done another flavor of its protein based on Ken and his move Shoryuken, as well as a flavor of Super Amino Flowsion, themed around Chun-Li and her move Hyakuretsukyaku. Initially, the brand didn’t confirm what Ken’s Shoryuken and Chun-Li’s Hyakuretsukyaku would taste like, although a few days out from their arrival, we have that information.

Be Legend’s Street Fighter V collaboration featuring Ken is going to be a unique Cranberry-flavored protein powder, while the Chun-Li Super Amino Flowsion will have a more traditional Green Apple taste. Once again, both products are hitting the market this Wednesday alongside special edition tees inspired by the vintage 1991 release, Street Fighter II.