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Core ZZZ is back as promised with 5-HTP in place of phenibut

core zzz

Core Nutritionals has followed through on its promise from March of this year with the return of its popular sleep support supplement Core ZZZ. The brand has revamped the product with its 2020 platinum look and made some changes to its formula, all while keeping the supplement’s original intentions to improve quality of sleep and overall recovery.

The all-new Core ZZZ features all of the same ingredients and dosages as its predecessor, with one small switch, which was confirmed in its initial announcement from March. Core Nutritionals’ sleep product no longer comes with phenibut, originally included at a gram per serving. The reputable brand has simply swapped it out for 150mg of 5-HTP.

Like with all of Core Nutritionals’ new releases, it is celebrating the return of Core ZZZ with a couple of deals. For a limited time, instead of paying the supplement’s regular price for a full tub, you can grab the revamped and now Pineapple Peach-flavored version with 10% off at $39.10. There is also a discounted stack available with Core ZZZ and Core Hard Extreme at $79.99.