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Designer Protein introduces a block of high protein chocolate as its snack

designer protein designer chocolate bar

Designer Protein, the brand behind supplements like Designer Whey and Totally Egg, has come out with its first-ever edible product with the Designer Chocolate Bar. It is packaged like a traditional block of chocolate, and on the inside, it looks like one too; however, being from the brand that it is, the ingredients and macros are much cleaner, all while still trying to be a tasty treat.

Designer Protein’s new Designer Chocolate Bar is made with cane sugar, unsweetened chocolate, almond, quinoa, sunflower lecithin, and to give it a good amount of protein, whey concentrate is in the mix. The nutrition profile on an entire 60g block starts with a moderate 10g of protein, then, you have 26g of fat, 11g of carbohydrates with 8g of that added sugar, and a calorie count of 320.

designer protein designer chocolate bar

As you can see, the macros on the Designer Chocolate Bar are far from your typical protein bar at 20g of protein and 200 calories. Designer Protein’s snack has half the protein and about 50% more calories, but the trade-off we have to imagine is a realistic chocolate experience. It comes in two flavors; Almond Chocolate with diced almonds and Quinoa Chocolate with crispy quinoa.

You can pre-order Designer Protein’s on-the-go edible effort from its website, although it’s not due to ship for another month or so on the 15th of October. The price on the Designer Chocolate Bar is relatively reasonable if it tastes as good as we hope, with a box of 12 blocks in either flavor at $35, which works out to $2.91 each.